Building rebirth

Monsieur Didot revives and revitalises a listed neoclassical building of truly outstanding beauty, one that is a bright example of the late neoclassical architecture of the beginning of the 20th century.

Whilst paying homage to the building’s classical character and bringing its historical elements to the fore, the home’s interiors have been enriched with contemporary touches and trends, the guests to experience its modern heart alongside its deep rooted heritage.

The concept behind the building’s modern revival went hand in hand with a deep respect of its unique character and a renegotiation of its neoclassical elements.

Guests have the pleasure of enjoying a journey through alternating spaces, all of which are designed to impress. High ceilings with elegant, opulent yet discreet decoration give way to newly created entrances and stylish halls, creating a new orientation and revealing hidden passages which inspire a mystical mood.

The design objective was to bring a feeling of discreet enthusiasm to the visitors of the neoclassical building. Bookcases, interesting prints and paintings by famous as well as emerging or unknown artists sweep through the building. Unique pendants, handmade ceramic lamps, decorative elements and furniture designed exclusively for Monsieur Didot create a unique encounter in each and every space of the building, enriched by contrast and a multitude of styles and colours.  

Finally, distinctive interior elements that have been integrated to satisfy even the most curious of travellers and minds remind us of the remarkable contribution to typography by himself, Monsieur Didot.

Traditional methods and techniques and natural materials were carefully selected for the restoration of the old building, including mortar for walls, natural wood for furniture and floors, whilst marble, clay and plaster have been applied as decorative details. In combination with the revelation of the old decorative paintings exhibited throughout the interior walls, the building is now ready to reveal its soul to offer a truly boutique living experience.

Interior designers: Babatchas Design Studio: Chrysi Makri, Nefeli Gkyzi

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