Green orientation

In recent years, an increasing number of the earth’s population has been affected by environmental change. Monsieur Didot aspires to maintain his principles regarding green orientation in every aspect of his function and encourages his guests to participate to this end. Following the most modern of approaches, he applies a series of environment-friendly practices which he believes contribute to making the world a better place without compromising the comfort, expectations and enjoyment of his guests.

To lessen Monsieur Didot’s environmental impact:

  • Environmental considerations are included in all managerial decisions.
  • We operate a ‘switch off’ policy to shut down computer equipment and printers when not in use.
  • We have installed electronic key cards in each room to save energy. When the guest is absent, all electronic devices (except the refrigerator) are switched off.
  • We have installed a sensor switch which turns the AC off when the balcony door is open.
  • We use low energy light bulbs in all areas.
  • We have reduced our usage of harmful cleaning chemicals (high concentration in chlorine, phosphoric acid and other dangerous chemicals) and replaced these with eco-friendly products.
  • We recycle paper, plastic, glass, batteries and printer ink. Guests can find special bins at the reception area.
  • We use recycled paper as much as possible for our brochures.
  • We use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper and print double sided.
  • We donate partially used bathroom products (shampoo etc.) to local charities.
  • We encourage Monsieur Didot’s guests to explore Athens by environmentally-friendly means, through the use of public transport, bikes or on foot and provide information on walks, cycle routes and bus and subway timetables.
  • We buy products mainly from local professionals and producers to reduce the environmental footprint of goods transport.
  • We offer natural personal care products.
  • We always comply with the law concerning our environmental actions and constantly review our green policy to improve the environmental footprint of our business.

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