The Neighbourhood

One of Monsieur Didot’s greatest assets is its location. The house has the privilege of being located at the border of two extremely different yet genuinely characteristic districts of modern Athens. 

Kolonaki, an aristocratic district on the one side, and Exarchia, a vibrant, hip and alternative area of the city on the other. Monsieur Didot’s DNA encompasses cultural and philosophical elements from both of these districts, beautifully combined to create a unifying and harmonious entity.

Functioning once as a gathering space for artists and intellectuals, and often the area where the dream of an urban life was brought to fruition, Kolonaki established itself as an enviable area and one of the most sought-after locations in Athens. Its mesmerising neoclassical buildings, together with its social and artistic flair, made Kolonaki one of the city’s most beautiful quarters. Its aristocratic character is partly due to its proximity to the former Royal Palace, which attracted the social grandeur during the Greek Monarchy.

Today, Kolonaki retains its historic and unique character but has also grown into a commercial centre. It is here where one can enjoy the most refined shops in Athens and all the renowned fashion houses along with multiple cafés, bars and restaurants, offering a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Exarchia, and in particular the quarter of Neapolis, can be defined as the birthplace of letters and culture in the area. All the greats of Greek art and letters lived and excelled here and it established a reputation as the home of the bohemian intellectual, who would flood the multitude of art cafés, printing and publishing houses. It is to this present day still home to the offices of large, contemporary publishing houses whilst many small printing offices, resisting the passing of time, can also be found hidden in its streets.

The area of Exarchia is still renowned for its youthful vibrancy and a hint of alternative and hipster culture which is illustrated through an array of restaurants, cafés and bars that fill the streets, whilst there is and also an abundance of alternative events and exhibitions.

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