When the city calls
Monsieur Didot selects and humbly suggests the best restaurants, bistro and cocktail bars, just a short walk away from the house!


Sina 21, Kolonaki
50m. / 1 min. on foot

This beautiful space, with its impressive open preparation room, is distinguished for its romantic, homey style with classic tea sets, vintage furniture and matching pale colours in its decoration. Many of its customers prefer its attic while, when the weather is fine, its exterior space is reminiscent of an old Athenian yard! The emphasis here is on quality, with freshly grounded coffee, a selection of fine teas, authentic hot chocolate (we suggest the one with cinnamon and orange or praline) but also delicious handmade sweets to go with your beverage. There is a large variety of tarts, fresh croissants (filled on the spot with chocolate, bueno chocolate or cream), crispy brioche, apple pies, cheesecakes.
Open at 9.00 until 23.00.
Source: www.athensmagazine.gr


Ploutarchou 26, Kolonaki
1000m. / 13 min. on foot

Food as it used to be.” Beautiful modern tavern named after an old musical hit. Warm retro atmosphere that blends pleasantly with the flavors proposed by the kitchen. Interesting salads, homemade dishes of the day and grilled meats. You will combine them with ouzo, tsipouro and selected wines from the Greek vineyard.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Valtetsiou 44, Exarchia
500m. / 6 min. on foot

With a name alluding to a childhood game, Yiantes awaits on the crowded pedestrian zone on Valtetsiou Str to taste the flavours of modern Greek cuisine. In a beautiful, cosy space, you may find delicious dishes made with love and a choice of quality ingredients. Fava (mashed broad beans) with fresh onion and capers, smoked mackerel and turkey meatballs are only a few of the delicious choices awaiting you, while the already rich menu is enriched daily with different dishes of the day. Since good food requires good company, you may find select wine labels in the restaurant’s wine list to please the most demanding of customers.
Open at 13.00 until 00.00.
Source: www.lifo.gr


Skoufa 42, Kolonaki
170m. / 2 min. on foot

The Italian alter ego of Νice ’n’ Easy organic bistro restaurant is as attentive to organic material, follows the same philosophy when it comes to the ingredients used and is open from the morning for coffee and breakfast/brunch. Its design has a nostalgic flair evident in the space’s décor while the kitchen lies somewhere between rustic and modern placing an emphasis on fresh, handmade pasta and of course pizza baked in the ground floor’s wood oven. All of the above can be accompanied by a glass of wine and/or a cocktail.
Open from 9.00 until 1.30 in the morning.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Omirou 60 & Skoufa, Kolonaki
170m. / 2 min. on foot

A small gourmet café-restaurant in love with black-and-white Hollywood and jazz sounds supporting healthy nutrition and organic materials. Its menu offers a wide selection of fine dishes while it also includes a nutritional value table combined with a quality and origin chart for each of the products used. Dishes cover all. Depending on your preferences or appetite, you may choose among vegetarian/healthy dishes, others with ethnic touches, Greek flavours and meat.
Open from 9.00 until 1.30 in the morning.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Delfon 3B, Exarchia
180m. / 3 min. on foot

A legendary bar and a reference point for Athenians for a period of 40 years now, a bar equally loved by 50 and 20 year olds, where you may find two different generations enjoying themselves listening to the same music on any given night. Hippopotamus is open every day from early in the morning for coffee until late at night. At the bar you will find ‘clean drinks’, its famous sangria, many international beer labels but also others from small Greek breweries. You will also find original cocktails with raki as the main ingredient. All of these, whilst listening to carefully selected rock, jazz, soul and funk music. If you happen to get hungry, you can just choose from a mouth-watering wakamole, delicious tarts and other interesting and extremely tasty suggestions.
Open at 11.00 until 4.00.
Source: www.lifo.gr


Delfon 5, Kolonaki
220m. / 3 min. on foot

The comfort Texas-style barbecue, in a fine dining version, with in-house smoking in the meats in a sophisticated atmosphere. At Fine Mess Smokehouse, All-American flavors are highlighted in modern gastronomy, while the food is ideally combined with excellent old fashioned cocktails and rare bourbons.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Anagnostopoulou 44, Kolonaki
350m. / 5 min. on foot

Kora Bakery is a bakery – viennoiserie. With few and good products, and only three types of bread (rye, wheat and chocolate, which is not particularly sweet so it is a good choice for the early hours of the morning). A place with a purely female sign and anthropocentric character, since parts of the revenues are donated to charity.
Terrific croissant, chocolate and butter puffs, made with slow ripening methods, excellent quality French butter and first quality raw materials.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Emmanouil Benaki 38, Exarcheia
750m. / 9 min. on foot

Like an old Athenian neighborhood, with a flavor of Lesvos island! Such is the atmosphere of “Lesvos” ouzeri. The space, simple, just as it should be: wooden chairs, tableclothes with the map of Lesvos. Juicy charcoal-grilled octopus, zucchini balls, delicious meatballs, potato balls, and a greek salad that will remind you that even the simplest flavors have high gastronomic value. Combine your food with authentic Mytilini ouzo, and wonderful greek wine.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Skoufa 56, Kolonaki
56m. / 1 min. on foot

Vicky and Bona make delicious sweets and homemade food in a shop where you feel at home. At “Maregka apo Spiti” you will find the best pavlova in Athens.
Airy meringues, fluffy and crispy, with a tender interior, pavlovas (with strawberries, pomegranate, forest fruits but also chestnut, mocha and lemon cream), family size and individual. The collection is complemented by many more sweet creations, such as caramel creams, bavarois, tiramisu, caramel cream napoleons and banoffee, as well as colorful macarons and butter cookies.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Omirou 44, Kolonaki
240m. / 3 min. on foot

A most adorable, unusual space, a hospitable, atmospheric corner with old vinyl playing on the record player, movie soundtracks, nostalgic jazz tunes and classical music. You’ll visit it in winter for its famous thick and creamy hot chocolate, made from quality Valrhona chocolate melting slowly in fresh milk and coming in a wide variety of flavours, such as chili, homemade praline, Madagascar vanilla etc., which is bound to make your choice difficult, as the hot chocolate is prepared at a low heat, in a separate pot for each customer. In the summer, you can taste its cold version together with cold tea, handmade ice cream, rich milkshakes, homemade beverages and delicious cocktails. Other than the exquisite chocolate, the menu includes fine organic coffee, homemade sweets, delicious snacks, unique tea varieties, select wines from small Greek wineries and original cocktails. What is more, Petite Fleur respects its customers’ nutritional needs and so all recipes can be made with almond milk while here you may also find nutritious vegan smoothies, such as a chocolatey Raw Smoothie with cocoa, dates, banana and coconut, as well as the Matcha Smoothie.
Open at 8.30 until 00.30.
Source: www.lifo.gr


Sina 21, Kolonaki
40m. / 1 min. on foot

A healthy diet nowadays is not only a choice. It’s a necessity. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural and true way to get all the nutritious components we need throughout the day.
The menu at PURE JUICE BAR consists of fresh juices, delicious fruit smoothies with the addition of superfoods for extra stimulation of your body and healthy snacks.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Neofitou Douka 4, Kolonaki
850m. / 10 min. on foot

The rich light and dense vegetation in the Café’s entrance create the wonderful sense of a garden situated within the city. The evocative floating façade-sculpture by Stelios Kois, a trademark of the new Cycladic Café, generates a subtle interplay of light and shadow, while the lighting design by Eleftheria Deko complements the natural sunlight that floods the entrance’s space during the day.
The proposed façade is designed to provide shade and privacy in the desired location, act as a thematic scheme for the museum and constitutes a pause to the visual ambiguity of the aggregation of buildings that comprise the street facade. For breakfast, brunch, café or lunch.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Skouleniou 1, Akadimia
900m. / 10 min. on foot

Dopios is a «meze» tavern but not a common one. In the center of Athens, under Klafthmonos Square, it serves dishes from all around Greece, but with modern touches. At Dopios, the recipes juggle between tradition and modern gourmet trends, with mostly seasonal and local ingredients. They are accompanied by fine local wines and traditional spirits.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Ioannou Papagrigopoulou 1, Akadhmia
700m. / 9 min. on foot

The Black Duck Garden-Athens City Museum Bistrot offers a wonderful garden, in Klafthmonos Square, at the same place where, 2 centuries ago, was the temporary home of King Othon and his wife Amalia. The latter was the one who organized the garden of the residence and to this day, if you visit the museum or the bistrot restaurant, you will see the palm tree that she once planted.
Perfect space, even better hospitality and of course a very satisfying menu. The perfect place to enjoy your coffee, your drink or even your food, under the pleasant shade of the surrounding trees and plants.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Kallidromiou 69 , Exarchia
1000m. / 12 min. on foot

In a beautiful space with wooden floors and comfortable tables you can taste delicacies such as salad with rocket, parmesan, beetroot and roasted haloumi, handmade cheese pies with honey, mint and sesame, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and smoked meat from Kalamata, vinegary sausage and pork morsels fried with rosemary and lemon. The flavours are exquisite, the portions satisfactory.
Open at 13.00 until 00.00.
Source: www.in2life.gr


Fokilidou 15, Kolonaki
350m. / 5 min. on foot

A restaurant with a strong Cycladic atmosphere, with the signature of the well-known chef Argiro Barbarigou from Paros, who decided to bring the most delicious recipes of her island to her kitchen.
Quality raw materials, good grilling and delicious cooking in a quiet Kolonaki street.
Fresh fish and seafood, delicious pasta with shells, sea urchins, cockles, shrimps, etc., exquisite risotto and classic octopus with honey.
A fine wine list, with around 50 Greek labels, but also selected vintage whiskies, aged grappas, cognacs and homemade liqueurs.
Source: www.athinorama.gr


Emm. Benaki 69Α, Exarchia
600m. / 7 min. on foot

Romantic, easy-going, bohemian, alternative. Alexandrine on Benaki Str is a special place, a quiet bar with a vintage flair, a few tables and the atmosphere of a Parisian bistro. Open in the morning for coffee and tasty sandwiches and unravelling its charms in the evening via jazz music, cocktails and a wide selection of wines by the glass or bottle, even if it is not considered a wine bar.
Open at 11.00 until 03.00.
Source: www.in2life.gr


Soultani 4, Exarchia
750m. / 9 min. on foot

Balancing between the interwar period, the air of a Fresh cabaret combined with old Athens in what is an extremely interesting end result. Here you may find good music, mainly funk, swing and world tunes as well as delicious cocktails. It also has a wide variety  of premium spirits, rums like Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and Chairman’s Reserve, and hard to find vodka and scotch labels.
Open at 17.00 until 2.00.
Source: www.in2life.gr


Koletti 40-44, Exarchia
800m. / 9 min. on foot

Though open from the morning offering fine coffee, its strongest card is evening entertainment. With clearly American influences, as regards space decoration and music choices, the Black Cat has gained faithful followers and remains a steady meeting point. Given its special sounds, mostly of old school classic rock, blues, jazz, 80s and 90s music by highly informed DJs, its extended liquor and cocktail choices in a warm atmosphere with large windows all around and a huge illuminated photo of Chicago, it is not surprising that it stands to impress! The equally impressive 12-meter mahogany bar, with a large mirror in the background under hanging lights, echoing the Prohibition era, is also urging us to stay until late! Highlight: The wonderful themed music events each Wednesday.
Open at 10.00 until 4.00.
Source: www.athensmagazine.gr

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