When the city calls
Monsieur Didot selects and humbly suggests the best restaurants, bistro and cocktail bars in the neighborhoods of Athens!


Wine Restaurant  |   Sina 50  |   18m
The favorite wine restaurant of Kolonaki, on the beautiful steps of Anagnostopoulou street, right across Mr. Didot’s house! The menu is mainly based on Cycladic cuisine and local ingredients, with dishes mainly offered for sharing.

Live Music Bar  |   Didotou3  |   37m
One of the most historic live music bars in Athens, a breath away from Monsieur Didot. All know Greek musicians have performed there. The perfect place for those who wish good Greek music, accompanied by a drink.

Café-Pastry Shop  |   Sina 21  |   45m
Romantic, homey style coffee shop, with granny style tea sets, vintage furniture and matching pale colors in its decoration. Freshly grounded coffee, a selection of fine teas, authentic hot chocolate and delicious handmade sweets to go with your beverage. Do not miss the pistachio cake!

Pastry Shop  |   Skoufa 56  |   85m
Probably the best pavlova in Athens! A sweet shop specializing in meringues and few but dreamy other choices.  The two wonderful ladies who run the place introduce you to their creations: macarons, bavarois, tiramisu, napoleon cake.

Café-Drinks  |   Massalias 11  |   100m
In the semi-basement of Rue de Marseille, this historical café-bar has been operating since the 60s. Some of the most important Greeks of art and intellectuals have sat at the wooden bar and on the Viennese cafe style chairs. Its current owner, Antonis Chalaris, who you will find sitting at his bar almost every day, seems to be always open to discussions of social-political interest.

All Day Bar  |   Delfon 3B  |   170m
A legendary bar and a reference point for Athenians for a more than 40 years now, welcomes all its guests, from younger to older ones, from alternative to classic rock fans, from early in the morning to very late at night, on a beautiful pedestrian street or inside its terrific courtyard and the appealing interior of a typical Athenian residency.

All Day Restaurant-Mediterranean Cuisine  |   Skoufa 42  |   170m
This Italian, attentive to organic ingredients bistro restaurant, is open from early in morning for coffee and breakfast/brunch. Nostalgic flair is evident in the space’s décor while the cuisine lies somewhere between rustic and modern, with an emphasis on fresh, handmade pasta and pizza baked in the wood oven.

Bakery  |   Anagnostopoulou 44  |   260m
Distinguished in all aspects: architecturally, gastronomically and idealistically, pursuing the philosophy of slow living. Sourdough bread that needs 36 hours to mature before baking, ice cream with goat cheese from the creameries of Ano Syros, hence… waiting in line to try the best croissant in town!

Fish Restaurant  |   Fokilidou 15  |   350m
Restaurant with a strong Cycladic element. Quality raw ingredients, good grilling and delicious cooking in a quiet street. Fresh fish and seafood, delicious pasta, exquisite risotto, careful wine list, with around 50 Greek labels, but also selected vintage whiskies, aged grappas, cognacs and homemade liqueurs.

All Day Café-Restaurant  |   Skoufa 29  |   400m
Inside its minimal design, where wood prevails along with natural materials, its famous team elevates the flavors at inspired quality dishes with original freshness, accompanied by a wide variety of smoothies and cocktails. Tip: a delicious brunch is served daily!

All Day Café-Bar  |   Tsakalof 6  |   600m
Aesthetic similar to the era of alcohol prohibition, you can choose either the interior or one of the tables on the busy pedestrian street and stare at the passers-by. All day spot: enjoy coffee and breakfast after shopping in the center, or eat and enjoy a good cocktail in the afternoon after work or on your night out.

Jazz Bar  |   Dinokratous 4  |   600m
A well-hidden gem on the fringes of Lycabettus hill, for those who consciously seek authenticity, ignoring the mainstream trends. The music captivates you (it’s just jazz, of course), the atmosphere is unique -takes you back 100 years or more in time- and the drinks -mostly whiskey- address to sophisticated drinkers.

Pastry Shop  |   Irodotou 24  |   700m
The sweetest paradise in the center of Athens and maybe the most famous pastry shop from one of the most famous pastry chefs in Greece, Stelios Parliaros. Find sensational versions of chocolate and among them a variety of fruit sweets.

Italian Restaurant  |   Loukianou 21  |   800m
Idyllic atmosphere that takes you from Kolonaki straight to the narrow streets of Tuscany. Menu based on Italian cuisine with pizzeti, pasta and rissotti options occupying the largest part of the directory. Drinks ideally accompanied with exuberant platters. Wine list fully updated with many interesting labels.

Fish Tavern  |   Charitos 39  |   900m
“Quality fish for everyone”, is the philosophy of Barbounaki. Sail along Charitos street in Kolonaki and travel to the flavors of the Greek seas, in a relaxing environment.

Japanese Restaurant  |   Loukianou 8  |   950m
Superb exotic atmosphere inspired by the land of chrysanthemums in an elegant listed building, Izakaya has become institution of the Japanese fusion cuisine in Athens. Placing the emphasis on sushi and rolls, with Asian touches in the salads, food here is incredibly tasty, with over 100 wine labels from Greek and international vineyards to accompany it.

Restaurant-Greek Cuisine  |   Ploutarchou 26  |   950m
Food as it used to be. Beautiful modern tavern named after an old musical hit. Warm retro atmosphere that blends pleasantly with the flavors. Interesting salads, homemade dishes of the day and grilled meats. Combine them with ouzo, tsipouro and selected wines from the Greek vineyard.

Cocktail Bar  |   Ploutarchou 18  |   1 km
This legendary bar stands to brighten our evenings and days. The timeless haunt of Kolonaki comes with varied, creative options in signature & classic drinks, as well as a memorable food menu.


Dairy & Ice Cream  |   Didotou 30  |   280m
From the small breeders of Greek countryside to the center of Athens. Dairy farming with sustainable logic and delicious dairy products. Try the extra-ordinary handmade ice-creams!

Wine Bar  |   Valtetsiou 21  |   350m
The most interesting wine-bar nearby Monsieur Didot. Cuisine that focuses on well-made dishes with few, good-quality ingredients. Affordable prices, friendly service and an interesting wine list with 80 labels

All Day Café-Restaurant  |   Mavromichali 44  |   350m
Opens every day from early morning with well-roasted specialty coffee, delicious sandwiches and brunch with eggs in various versions (do not miss the oven omelet with sausage, potatoes, pumpkin, pepper, gruyere and chives). Continues with comfort gourmet suggestions that follow paths of twisted Mediterranean cuisine.

A Chess Coffee Shop  |   Mavromichali 16  |   400m
All the history of Greece gathered in one coffee shop! This is where Melina Merkouri and Onassis drank their coffee. Here is where Karpov played on 30 chessboards at the same time with all the other players.

Street Food-Souvlaki  |   Charilaou Trikoupi 23  |   450m
The most alternative souvlaki in Athens! Taste aste mutton, black pig and water buffalo meat, everything from small farms all around Greece, wrapped in pita bread or fluffy sandwich bread, at street food prices!

Wine Bar  |   Ippokratous 8  |   500m
A completely relaxing place for wine tasting, that hardly belongs to the wine bar category. Only Greek wine labels and suggestions from pioneer producers, rare Greek varieties and organic, biodynamic wines, which can be accompanied by cheese and charcuterie. Emphatic on sustainability, thus decoration materials and serving packaging consist of biodegradable, recyclable materials.

Restauran-Greek Cuisine  |   Valtetsiou 44  |   500m
A gorgeous dated Athenian residence with an incredibly colorful courtyard, on a charming pedestrian street, suggests traditional Greek flavors in a modern version. Homely atmosphere, impeccable service and traditional flavors. For dessert, try the chocolate millefeuille in ice-cream version.

Homemade Traditional Greek Pies  |   Charilaou Trikoupi 26  |   550m
Vana and Babis take us back to our childhood days with their incredible traditional pies! Handmade, crispy foil and fresh ingredients from small producers: olive oil from Messinia, kaseri and feta cheese from Volos, village sausage from Karditsa. 11 different pies, one tastier than the other, made in front of you! Also try the famous milk pie with a wonderful, rich cream.

All Day Bistro  |   Emmanouil Benaki 69A  |   600m
Romantic, easy-going, bohemian, alternative. vintage flair, few tables and atmosphere of a Parisian bistro. Opened in the morning for coffee and tasty sandwiches and unravelling its charms in the evening via jazz music, cocktails and a wide selection of wines by the glass or bottle.

Traditional Fish Tavern  |   Emmanouil Benaki 38  |   700m
The birthplace of ouzo, Lesvos island, came and took root in this area, over 60 years now. Authentic and traditional light meals -called meze- along with quality ouzo are served in this legendary tavern, which is equated with the history of Athens.

All Day Café-Cocktail Bar  |   Kolleti 40-44  |   800m
With clear American influences, both in space and in music, it has gained a loyal audience and is a constant meeting point. Special music, selected DJs from classic rock, blues, jazz, ’80s and ’90s, an updated wine cellar with very good drinks and cocktails in a warm and comfortable environment.

Restaurant-Greek Cuisine  |   Kallidromiou 69  |   1 km
Beautiful space, with wooden floor and comfortable tables, as well as a magnificent old courtyard. Taste delicacies of the Greek cuisine with a twist.


All Day Café – Bistro  |   Ioannou Paparrigopoulou 5  |   700m
Located in the former house of king Othon and queen Amalia. The menu, tasty and clear, covers all tastes and moods, from 10 in the morning until late at night. Accompany your meal with one of the 60 wine labels of the Greek vineyard.

Resto-Bar  |   Stadiou 7  |   700m
Atmospheric decoration, panasiatic cuisine and perfect music. Sensual, fiery reds on the walls, wonderful paintings (wild poppies, a large fish, Chinese ideograms), a colorful aquarium, feels like Chinese pagoda in a bright petrol color, tables, sofas and plush armchairs all around.

Bar  |   Ioannou Paparrigopoulou 15  |   800m
A tequila bar, among the best in the world! Through the overall experience it offers, it enables the attendee to get to know the Mexican culture with a modern look. It has been in the lists of the best bars in the world for two years in a row.

All Day Café – Bistro – Bar  |   Kolokotroni 25  |   800m.
Under the impressive atrium, industrial and vintage touches blend harmoniously together,  softening the senses in the most artistic way, sweetly moving you away from the hubbub of the center. A place where you can literally spend your whole day, with excellent options for every moment

All Day Café – Bar  |   Voulis 7  |   800m
Open from morning to late at night, offering almost everything. Classic and, at the same time, so timeless and stylish, one of the hottest spots of Athenian center. Famous for the abundance of fun and intoxicating flavors of drinks.

Italian Restaurant  |   Praxitelous 7  |   800m
Wonderful design transports you to the years of the Blue Epoch, flavors in a blooming Italian culinary garden full of flavors and fine aromas take you on a journey to the beauty and carelessness of the most delightful Mediterranean summers

Bar  |   Thisseos 16  |   850m
Drunk Sinatra invites you to create memories, in a multi-level and special space with many options. Vintage aesthetics with original elements from the 50s-60s inside, and the world’s most erotic gallery, impressively decorated, is the best background for all the magic of a night out. The pedestrian street, always full of people, gives off a special pulse.

Restaurant – Greek Cuisine  |   Skouleniou 1  |   900m
“Dopios” means “local”.   Hidden in a beautiful downtown pedestrian street, this modern tavern could not have come up with a better name than Dopios. The Greek element is scattered throughout the menu, reintroducing an entire category of food inextricably linked to Greek entertainment. Dishes to share with friends, raising the level of flavors through creative recipes. Raw materials that change the whole experience, since small producers star in every dish, even mentioned on the menu, highlighting an important productive side of Greece.

Cocktail Bar  |   Praxitelous 30  |   900m
Founded in 2014 and becoming an instant hit, founds its way on to the 50 Best list a year later and has been featured ever since. Drinks here can always be counted on to be playful, but the invention isn’t beating you over the head. And while classics like the Greek-salad-in-a-glass Mediterranean Gimlet will likely never go out of style, the latest menu, Happy Accidents, may be its most ambitious to date. Try Catching a Falling Star, a take on a Spicy Margarita that includes cheddar cheese.

Cocktail Bar  |   Klitiou 6  |   950m
The multi-awarded Athenian bar has become a legend in the world of cocktails with triumphant signatures.

Fine Street Food  |   Perikleous 30-32  |   1 km
A street food story that has won our hearts. THESSBAO creates daily delicious suggestions handmade buns that are prepared fresh combined with delicious ingredients.

All Day Café – Bistro – Bar  |   Kolokotroni 59B  |   1km
With an extraordinary design, it glorifies maximalism and stands like a fairytale in the historical triangle of Athens, you can enjoy it at all hours of the day.

Greek Traditional Tavern  |   Rombis 16  |   1 km
Loyal to Greek cuisine and open to experimentation. Friendly service, tables outside and a friendly atmosphere. On Saturdays the customers can enjoy some live music.

Cocktail Bar  |   Petraki 1  |   1 km
Unconventional is the best way to describe it, a streetside cocktail bar launched in the heart of Athens. With no indoor space, and only patio seating, the bold and quirky concept infuses humour into its attention-grabbing design, which is marked by large, sprawling sans-serif text messages that change frequently (e.g. “We Serve Humans Too,” or “Something To Talk To Your Therapist About”.). The bar offers just a small selection of cocktails that rotate every day, made with a zero-waste mentality.

Fish Street Food  |   Athinaidos 3  |   1.1 km
Zisis Papazisis’ ‘fish in a cone’ keeps busy Athenians well-fed on the run. A new approach to street food downtown.

Fine Street Souvlaki  |   Agias Irinis Square 1  |   1.1 km
Hoocut introduces the public to the most enjoyable redefinition of national street food. The souvlaki is approached in a modern way and at the same time returning to its roots. Vegetarian proposals have – quite justifiably – created their own fanatical fans.

Cocktail Bar  |   Agias Irinis Square 2  |   1.1 km
Enjoy the best coffee, but also taste its delicious food. International cuisine and an early morning brunch, while you can try delicious dishes. Cocktails and spirits complete the experience.

Wine Restaurant – Bar  |   Fokionos 2  |   1.1 km
Introduces wine lovers to native grape varieties and the hidden wealth of the Greek land. Quickly recognized internationally by authoritative wine magazines and opinion makers. More than 200 Greek labels, some of which are of extremely limited production, with an emphasis on wines made with gentle cultivation and vinification methods (natural wines).

Lucumades – Traditional Greek Sweets  |   Aiolou 21  |   1.2 km
An extremely popular spot for those who wish to taste this traditional delicacy with a modern touch. Loukoumades are offered with both fillings and toppings, ranging from mastic to lemon and chocolate.

Wine Bar  |   Ipitou 4  |   1.2 km
Kiki de Grèce is located on the pedestrian street of Ipitou in the heart of Athens. The kitchen, a bite, prepares dishes easily, accompanying the wine. A large map of Greece highlights the local products that are honored on the menu and Kiki de Grèce is a feathered hen who “nibbles” the best.


Pastry Shop  |   Skouze 1p  |   1.1 km
The famous Cretan sweet shop has just arrived in Athens! All dessert recipes are signatures, you won’t find anywhere else!

1.2 kmThe central market of Athens, where the Athenians shop for vegetables, fish and meat in the morning, does not close at night! Instead, it turns into an authentic “old-fashioned” tasting spot. Here you will find tsipouro, meze and traditional taverns until the early hours, an ideal place for late nighters!

Pastry Shopp  |   Eschilou 4  |   1.4 km
Zoumbourlou is a pastry shop that will offer you traditional sweets from Constantinople, as well as creative suggestions of modern confectionery. This is through a menu curated by executive pastry chef Tasos Zissopoulos.

Bar  |   Normanou 5  |   1.5 km
TAF is an art gallery, bar, and cultural space tucked in the heart of Monastiraki. It is a fascinating blend of art and nightlife, often hosting exhibitions, live music, and performances.

All Day Café – Bar  |   Normanou 3  |   1.5 km
Hidden in the alleys of Monastiraki, very close to the metro station, in a vibrant neighborhood reminiscent of old Athens, this is an all-day view bar, on the 2nd and 3rd floor (terrace), offering all year long stunning views of the Acropolis, Parthenon, and more. Its beautiful, comfortable, open and bright space is suitable for all – any time, any day! A friendly environment and warm interior welcome you as you step in.

Traditional Greek Café – Restaurant   |   Kinetou 7  |   1.6 km
A café restaurant where you can stop for a coffee or a full-course meal! With its old-fashioned rush-seated chairs and marble-topped tables, pink floral wallpapers, tiled floors and stained glass or painted windows, Café Avissinia feels like an elegant 19th-century Viennese coffeehouse. Portraits and landscapes fill the walls, lining the stairs to the second dining room and roof terrace; Breathtaking view on the roof top.


Traditional Greek Tavern  |   Agiou Dimitriou 12  |   1.3 km
If you are in Psirri, you should definitely visit Avli restaurant. There you will meet some local people that have plenty stories to share along with a big variety of small dishes and drinks! It is not a coincidence that “Avli” means backyard in Greek.

All Day Café-Cocktail Bar  |   Pallados 3  |   1.3 km
Juan Rodriguez is not a real person, he is a creation of the imagination of two people who decided to combine their experiences in the field of going out and their fresh ideas in order to create something new together, an allday going out destination. Α bar amazing in every way, don’t miss it!

Traditional Cold Cuts Shop – Bistro  |   Evripidou 53  |   1.3 km
It’s all about the revival of the concept of the Byzantine deli, which includes Greek spirits and local wine miscellany, to accompany traditional dishes and recipes, appetizers from Constantinople and different kinds of matured cheese and charcuterie. Inside this neoclassical building, one will find exquisite victuals such as cheeses, cold cuts and smoked edibles.

Pastry Shop  |   Iroon Square 1  |   1.4 km
The variety and attractiveness of sweets will give you a hard time choosing what to try. Maybe it will take a second stop at this place, during your stay in Athens! If you don’t believe it, check it yourselves!

Traditional Greek Koulouri  |   Karaiskaki 23  |   1.5 km
A Greek traditional product that will awaken our childhood memories so as to remind us that flavorsomeness lies in simplicity. It is worth mentioning that it started out as a small bakery in the 60s and has reached to purvey its product to almost all the street vendors of Attica nowadays.

All Day Café – Pastry Shop  |   Karaiskaki 17  |   1.5 km
Taken all from children’s cartoons, with infinite imagination and taste, Little Kook creates a fairytale atmosphere in this narrow alley in Psirri. Serving imaginative sweets and treats for all ages!

Traditional Greek Tavern  |   Theatrou Square 2  |   1.5 km
This traditional Greek taverna is a hidden gem with a cozy, old-time atmosphere. It is known for its authentic Greek dishes, including moussaka and lamb, and it is a favorite among locals for its warm hospitality and live music.

Traditional Greek Tavern  |   Agion Anargiron 19  |   1.5 km
Back in 1967, Nikitas Tavern was the one and only restaurant in Psirri neighbourhood, and thanks to the owner, Mr. Nikitas, it quickly became its epicenter. This is a family tavern specialized on grilled and stewed dishes, which change on a daily basis.

Cocktail Bar  |   Taki 12, Psyrri  |   1.5 km
Colonial myths, Latin American traditions, alcohol prohibition, pirate legends and exotic green oases become reality in a terrain that aims every day to take you on a mental, aesthetic and tasteful journey to the cantons of Cuba, the exuberant bars of the New World, the pleasures that escape the trivial. Contrabando is the canvas of the ultimate all-day outing, for coffee, brunch, food and drink that fascinate every sense.

Cocktail Bar  |   Agiou Philippou 7  |   1.6 km
Two steps away from the bustling square of Monastiraki, the rooftop bar of Buena Vista Social Bar will enchant you through the exotic terrace, with ethnic music and Cuban soul. Its space will take you to magical places with a decoration that manages to be extremely unpretentious while being rich and colorful. Its panoramic view of the Acropolis & Thisseio will take your breath away. But how is Cuba connected to the temple of Hephaestus and the traditional souvlaki of the region? With sensual flavors from its dishes. Pair your menu with classic cocktails, but also signature creations.

Gastro-Bar  |   Lepeniotou 19  |   1.7 km
With a wonderful large courtyard, like a small oasis in the center of the city, Usurum Gastrobar opens early, offering specialty coffees, but also a special brunch (until 16.00). And when the sun begins to set, Usurum looks like the ideal destination for after work or for an early stroll, for a well-made signature cocktail or for dinner, in the cool courtyard or in its cozy interior space.

Wine & Spirits Cellar – Bistro  |   Ermou 121  |   1.7 km
In the heart of the city, under the shadow of the Acropolis, the bar of Chelona Athens welcomes you with over 850 labels, among which there are limited editions and rare bottlings from all over the world. The space is a combination of warmth and luxury that offers prompt service and creates a very friendly environment. After all, we are talking about the only restaurant in Athens that is located inside a cellar, offering a unique experience that combines briny food and boozy blends

Cup, Tap and Tavern  |   Sarri 44  |   1.7 km
Lokali with its courtyard and terrace is one of the of the most spectacular spots in Athens, next to the archaeological wonders. Lokali manages to combine its lights with the service, the food, the drinks, the clientele and above all that indefinable thing we call atmosphere… which is not so much mystery after all. It’s the feeling you get as soon as you set foot somewhere that you’re welcome.

All Day Café – Tavern  |   Ivis 10  |   1.7 km
Are you searching for a picturesque place to eat and have a drink? Kafeneio Ivis is what you are looking for. Thanks to its menu, inspired by the Cretan cuisine, and the traditional Cretan drink, called “Raki”, Kafeneio Ivis can travel you right from Psirri neighborhood to Crete in a second.


All Day Café – Tavern  |   Mnisikleous 24, Plaka  |   1.5 km
A tavern with live Greek music, that shares moments of authentic fun. Greek cuisine is the basis of the menu and is offered in dishes that you can share or enjoy for yourself. But since the good mood is pervasive here, it is more likely that the flavors will get in the middle of the table for everyone to try. Breathtaking view on the roof top.

All Day Café – Bistro  |   Mnisikleous 23  |   1.5 km
The most photogenic bistrot in Athens! Yiasemi is offering a healthy vegetarian buffet breakfast, featuring fresh, local ingredients turned into homemade delicacies every morning on site. The buffet is located inside a vibrant old Athens style hall and is accompanied by pianist Vaya Nassi melodic tunes of international & Greek classical and contemporary composers. The sweets are extraordinary!

All Day Café – Bistro  |   Klepsydras 1  |   1.6 km
If we had to choose a place in the centrer of Athens that travels us to a greek island, it would be Klepsydra. With its wicker chairs and blue tables with small flowers and the feeling that you have discovered a hidden cafe, Klepsydra is located on a pedestrian street on the “high” side of Plaka and serves us Greek coffee in a copper pot and super homemade sweets.

All Day Café – Bistro  |   Dioskouron 13  |   1.7 km
If you are looking for a traditional cafeteria located at one of the most historical and picturesque areas of Athens, then Dioskouroi is the best place for you. The cafe is situated in an uphill street in Monastiraki with small round tables and a view to the Stoa of Attalus on one side and the metro station of Monastiraki on the other. The place is filled up quickly with many tourists and locals. It offers several coffees and light food. Its refreshing atmosphere and graphic surrounding creates the ideal spot for a coffee break from your Athens tour.

Restaurant – Greek Cuisine  |   Adrianou 9  |   1.8 km
In the heart of Athens, under the shade of the temple of Hephaestus on the picturesque Adrianou Street, lies the unique restaurant Kuzina. The old mansion where the restaurant is hosted keeps a hidden surprise for tis guests: the breathtaking view to Acropolis from its terrace! Based on modern Greek cuisine, the chef, creates a unique menu that makes Kuzina stand out for combining traditional cuisine and culinary inventiveness.


All Day Café – Tavern  |   Akamantos 2  |   3 km
In Akamandos Street, sometime in the mid-thirties, that nostalgic and turbulent interwar era, Giorgos Rizos decides to open his coffee shop at number 2 of the street. Almost a century later, Michalis Rizos revives a historic coffee shop with respect and similar identity.

Wine Bar  |   Irakleidon 30  |   2.3 km
On the most historical pedestrian street of Thissio, its visitable cellar has over 200 labels and new wines are added daily. You can find and taste labels from all over the world with conventional, mild interventions and natural wines, while the list contains about 25 options by the glass, and is regularly renewed. Of course, the cellar also offers beers from Greek. Lost Roots’ menu changes with the season and although it is mostly Greek and Mediterranean in character, it has influences from around the world, with vegan and vegetarian options.

All Day Café – Bistro  |   Irakleidon 8  |   2.3 km
With full respect for the neoclassical building that houses it, the awarded Underdog invites you to get to know it up close by giving you the opportunity to drink one of the best quality coffee in Athens, since it imports green coffee directly from farms, which is roasted at The Underdog’s factory in Gazi, daily. Eight different single estate coffees are served and alternate frequently, each with its own special taste profile and its own origin, altitude, microclimate. Exceptional coffee is combined with an delicious branch menu.

Fine Dining Restaurant  |   Irakleidon 21  |   2.3 km
The Michelin Guide praises the talent of Melina Chomatas and Maria Dioudis and their ability to create international dishes, which, however, are based on typical Greek recipes. Housed in an elegant space in the center of Athens, Merceri Food and Drink is a classy, dining-only restaurant that offers upscale meals with fresh ingredients! If you happen to be a wine lover, then enjoy Merceri’s extensive wine list with wine bottles and champagnes from all around the globe, including Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and the United States!

Rooftop Restaurant  |   Apostolou Pavlou 27  |   2.3 km
The elegant three-storey restaurant is located in Thisio, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens Book a table in this modern space with the panoramic view of Stoa Attalos and Lycabettus to the illuminated Parthenon. The chefs offer a modern cuisine with a clear modern Greek character. Their vision is centered around highlighting the best Greek ingredients and promoting the excellent local products of Greek producers.


Restaurant – Greek Cuisine | Keramikou 49 | 1.9 km
Seychelles is a taverna in Metaxourgeio that serves quality Greek food made with traditional ingredients from different parts of the country. It combines traditional ingredients in a modern, gourmet way. The atmosphere is laid back and cool in a hip, bohemian way. Its location on Avdi Square gives you the feeling that Seychelles Restaurant is not in the city center but is rather in a small, countryside community. It combines traditional ingredients in a modern, gourmet way.

All Day Café – Restaurant | Giatrakou 2 | 1.9 km
Freedom, equality, specialty coffee, unique cocktails and the most picturesque courtyard in the center of Athens. Its special name derives from the Gaelic (ancient Scottish) word Saorsa which means freedom – something that is completely consistent with its philosophy – since the team’s goal is to make you decompress, forget, relax, feel free from everyday life.

Fine Street Food | Giatrakou 4 | 1.9 km
A new canteen hidden behind a preserved facade of Metaxourgeio. This new – but very different from the ones we are used to –brings to mind beaches and islands, drunken parties and late nights. In Avdi square Galliandra upgrades street food, serves quality sandwiches, famous meatballs and welcomes us in a place that will remind us of a festival every day.

All Day Café – Bar | Leonidou 31 | 2 km
Ble Papagalos (which means ‘blue parrot’) is a café-bar located in the Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio area, it has an interesting, romantic-retro design and gathers young people! Very often music events, such as swing and rock & roll dance parties are organized there. These events, along with the romantic and vintage decor, can make you feel that you are traveling back in time. When there is no party, you can still enjoy an early drink or a coffee.

Traditional Tavern | Leonidou 46 | 2 km
The Egg of the Rooster is located in a neoclassical building of 1930 in Avdi square, Metaxourgeio. Its beautiful courtyard and casual atmosphere make it an ideal hangout for meze and tsipouro from midday to late evening, when the hot and famous rooster soup is prepared. A hallmark of Avgo tou Kokkora, apart from its unsurpassed cuisine and its value for money mezes, is the unpretentious hospitality of its people.

All Day Café – Bar | Paramithias 14 | 2.5 km
Brunch and good coffee in the morning, with inspired dishes by the chef. Cocktails make their appearance early on with an early drinks list that can accompany brunch dishes, but in the evening the list grows, presenting a collection of mixes to accompany the kitchen’s clever bar food.


All Day Café – Bistro | Ptolemeon 4 | 1.4 km
Aerostato (which means air balloon) has been “flying” over Pagkrati area for more than two decades. The cafe of the bohemians, the young intelligentsia, the intellectuals. Very hospitable owners, they care about the patrons. In addition to coffee and alcohol, one can also enjoy small tasty dishes every day.

All Day Café – Bistro | Archelaou 32 | 1.5 km
Wrapped in the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cake, bright, with white walls and some tasteful paintings hanging on them, so very elegant and fresh in its simplicity. What makes Ohh Boy stand out is its unpretentious character. The kitchen follows new food trends, loves vegan and healthy recipes, and cooks based on seasonal ingredients.

Restaurant – Greek Cretan Cuisine | Aminta 2 | 1.5 km
Katsourbos is a small traditional Cretan restaurant which serves homemade cuisine prepared with ingredients straight from local producers. The decor is simple and essential, with an old groceries’ fridge, a large antique mirror, wooden tables, an overall arty style. At Katsourbos the main attraction is the food and the convivial atmosphere. Evenings revolve around tasting as many as possible of the delicious specialties, in small quantities, accompanied with Cretan wine or raki.

All Day Café – Bistro | Aminta 6 | 1.5 km
The large wooden frames on the windows blend in with the trees of Proskopon square. The owners dressed up a concrete space with plants and original artworks, built a low bar where customers can see how their drink is made and created a bar-restaurant that defines itself as a zintoneria. Here you will come for the international comfort food, accompanied with a variety of drinks.

Italian Restaurant | Efforionos 13 | 1.6 km
On a pedestrian street of busy Pagkrati, this restaurant has fanatical visitors for its triptych: taste – atmosphere – service. Modern industrial space with a strong presence of wood, lounge ambience and an open kitchen with the vaulted wood oven as a focal point. Chef Stefano Rossi signs an authentic Italian menu with classic and unusual dishes. The options for accompanying your food are many, with Greek and Italian wine labels.

Bistro – Restaurant | Arrianou 33 | 1.6 km
It brings the air of Greek tradition to a modern space. On the menu you will find appetizers and dishes that remind you of a Sunday table or a celebration with your loved ones. This is exactly what Mavro Provato achieves: it takes you on a journey through Greek flavors in a space so modern and neat, that it changes the stereotype of the Greek “meze” restaurant”.

All Day Café – Bistro | Arrianou 29 | 1.6 km
The concept of hospitality is something very deep and energetic, a sense of care that embraces you, making you really feel like your home. A huge living room that fits everyone, smells of fresh coffee and delicacies, just like the living room of the owner, Melissa Papagiannopoulou, who together with her husband created a super stylish space, with a neo-retro aesthetic with a lot of furniture from their home.

Traditional Greek Tavern | Polemonos 4 | 1.6 km
Nostalgic atmosphere, traditional cooking and seasoned meats, probably the best lamb ribs in town. The painter Doris, a friend of Modigliani’s (when he lived in Paris) used to frequent there, who instead of paying for his food, painted the shop’s walls with drawings of black cats, the shop’s trademark.

All Day Café – Restaurant | Eratosthenous 13 | 1.6 km
Entering this neoclassical building of 1920, which houses the contemporary art museum of the Vassilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation, the intellectual environment overwhelms you. Eleven floors, of which seven are open to the public, give plenty of food for thought but after a tête-à-tête with a rich collection of works by leading artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh or Monet, a stop at the elegant café-restaurant between the ground floor and the first floor, for a drink or meal completes the experience. The relaxed environment “clicks” nicely with the culinary concept with a menu edited by chef Dimitris Daglis. Here you will also find a “hidden” open interior garden which, when the weather permits, is perfect for coffee, food and drinks.

Vegeterian Restaurant & Falafel | Empedokleous 25-27 | 2.2 km
From the supreme falafel to the oriental brunch-epic. Baba Ghanoush may have been synonymous with ultimate falafel, with the tastiest and most fragrant chickpea meatballs, the perfect pita and the authentic hot harissa, but its new Arabic breakfast is expected to turn the spotlight on itself once again.

Restaurant – Fusion Cuisine | Empedokleous 34 | 2.3 km
Chef Adam Kontovas who knows, as few do, what fusion means, reconnected very recently with his Egyptian roots, has not left behind his Asian influences, and wanted to make his most personal venture a food-ode to the Greek tavern. All these are married at Ex Machina, where we will listen to French rap while eating the most zero waste pasta with fish in town.


Restaurant – Greek Cuisine Of Mani  |   Falirou 10  |   2.1 km
In a two-floor neoclassical building in Koukaki MANIMANI serves dishes that bring back memories and lead on to new delicious paths, with inspiration from the cuisine of Lakonian Mani and the traditional tastes of Greece through a modern glance and implementation.

Wine Bar  |   Falirou 68  |   2.7 km
With the ambition to become the new talk of the town for wine lovers and beyond, Materia Prima invites wine lovers to visit it and taste wines from all over Greece and from special wine producing zones around the world, discovering their secrets. In addition to daily wine tastings and blind tastings, regular meetings with wine producers will be organized, as well as various other events.

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