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Shopping Spots & Tribute to Bookstores, Art & Concept Stores, Creative Workshops & Deli

Shopping Spots

KOLONAKI for the lovers of luxury! Main streets: Skoufa, Patriarhou Ioakim, Tsakalof, Anagnostopoulou and Voukourestiou are filled with famous brands offering high quality and aesthetics.

ATTICA THE DEPARTMENT STORE for those who want it all in one place (Shop in a shop). It will astound you with its architecture and its fine collection of quality stores.

EXARCHIA an alternative market! Wander through in the urban maze of Exarchia and discover hidden gems for shopping. Handmade objects, jewelry & ceramics, independent artists’ and illustrators’ shops, small slow fashion brands. Main streets: Ippokratous, Mavromichali, Charilaou Trikoupi, Themistokleous.

ERMOU STREET a pedestrian zone with multiple stores from all the known clothing franchises but also several historic Greek businesses.

AGIOU MARKOU STR. / AEOLOU STR filled with street vendors selling a variety of products. Visit the bead sellers as well as the stores with craft materials on Lekka, Romvis, Leoharous and Praxitelous street. Allow yourselves to get lost in the alleys around Karageorgi Servias street (just off Syntagma Square) as well as in Athenian arcades. A colorful world of beads, buttons, fabrics, papers and other amazing materials awaits you.

MONASTIRAKI / PSYRRI for creative and alternative souls. Handmade jewelry, sandals & leather goods, antiques & vintage furniture and decoration, clothes and objects from another era. On Sundays, there is a flea market with collectors’ objects, such as books, old coins, vinyl and antique furniture.

VARVAKEIOS AGORA / ATHINAS & EVRIPIDOU STREET filled with aromas from spices, herbals, Greek deli shops and cured meats.

PLAKA for folklore art, hand-woven kilims & clothes, a wide selection of jewelry and stores selling traditional Greek products & souvenirs. Here one may find clothes, shoes and leather goods together with jewellery and watch stores as well as cosmetics.

Tribute: Bookstores

Skoufa 58, Kolonaki |  80m.
A very particular publishing house, with an emphasis on fine arts, folklore and science. Here, you will find magnificent photo-albums and collections in Greek -as well as in other languages- which Monsieur Didot recommends as a unique souvenir from your visit to Athens. The series for children stands out, in Greek or translated (mainly into English and French), as it promotes children’s out-of-the-box thinking, with a clear artistic orientation.

Skoufa 64 & Grivaion, Kolonaki |  190m.
Bookstore, multipurpose hall, publishing house and arena to defend human rights. Part of its income from selling books & coffee is intended to support all its activistic actions. From the team that created the first board game for book lovers in Greece: Beat the Book Bug!

Bookstore & Coffee |  Didotou 34, Exarchia |  300 m.
A bookshop with a clever name and a nice aesthetic comes to complete the puzzle in an area that is claiming an ever larger share of the options for entertainment in the heart of Athens .

Books & Gifts Store |  Solonos 71, Exarchia |  350 m.
In this wonderful bookstore you will find everything you need about travel guides, maps and tributes or albums for all parts of Greece and beyond. The collection of children’s books, mainly in Greek, is also amazing, as well as imaginative gifts for our little friends.

Bookstore |  Asklipiou 1-3, Athens |  400 m.
A historical Athenian bookstore, where you can find almost every book you are looking for! Also, a large variety of foreign books and books for children.

Mavromichali 11, Exarchia |  450 m.
Aiora is an independent publishing house in Exarchia. Most of the books is in Greek, but if you want to dig into classic literature, you’re in luck: Aiora also publishes a Modern Greek Classics series, which translates famous modern Greek works into English, German, French, Italian and even Russian. You’ll find beautiful editions of poems by Cavafy and Elytis, thoughtfully researched tomes on rebetika, the songs of the Greek underworld, and novels by masters like Karagatsis and Papadiamantis. Look out for the slim works by ancient Greek thinkers too, from Hippocrates’ Aphorisms to The Golden Verses of Pythagoras.

Bookstore & Coffee |  Themistokleous 74, Exarchia |  650 m.
A bookstore-a real meeting place, where one can sit and read, drink their coffee, or have a snack. A bookstore that aspires to pass on the history and culture of Exarchia square, and it succeeds magnificently.

Kavaloti 2, Acropolis |  2.2 km
In the shadow of the Acropolis, Little Tree Books & Coffee flourishes with literature and delicious flavors. Here you will feel that a nice company has opened its house, the living room, the library, the dining room, to welcome you and take care of you. The events that are organized include book presentations, live music and discussions about literature.

Tribute: Αrt & Concept Stores

Gift Concept Store |  Sina 44, Kolonaki |  15 m.
More than 50 Greek designers and artists gather under the umbrella of this unexpected space, redefining the concept of “Greek souvenir”, with inspired and imaginative creations in decorative and utilitarian objects, clothing, jewelry and much more.

Illustrator – Artshop  |  Didotou & Ippokratous 40, Kolonaki  |  240m.
Maria Pagalou is inspired by human stories – of famous people or not- and draws the cutest characters you’ve ever seen, with incredible humor!

Workshop – Ceramics & Textile  |  Didotou 30, Kolonaki  |  280m.
Christina Mandilari creates clothes and ceramics full of light. T-shirts, tote bags and pareos turn into canvas in her hands, who captures on them, everything that makes up the Greek summer!

Slow Fashion Brand |  Mavromichali 21, Exarchia |  350 m.
Αn authentic slow fashion brand inspired by its creator’s love for the bright prints worn by the beautiful African women of Paris that she used to see when she was little, as well as from her beloved Greece’s sun and sea. She puts a huge emphasis on fabrics and 99% is print. Each collection has completely different preferences. Her fabrics are often hand printed either batik or Blockprint and she mainly buys them from the Netherlands, West Africa, Nigeria and India. All clothes are sewn in Athens. She also pays great attention to details, all the buttons for example are handmade and designed by her.

Concept Clothes Brand |  Hrakleitou 11, Kolonaki |  500 m.
Nature gives the inspiration… If you see a tree walking and a donkey flying don’t be surprised, it’s HEELS that roam, beautify and go crazy! Emphasizing the quality of the clothes rather than the quantity, the HEEL team in turn puts a stone in sustainable development. A fashion workshop that respects people and the environment.

Koumpari 1, Kolonaki |  800 m.
One of the most influential and remarkable museum-institutions of Athens that is worth including in your schedule, with permanent and periodic exhibitions and events. The gift shop has an amazing collection of decorative or utilitarian objects and accessories of unique design, ideal souvenir purchase from your trip to Athens.

Cafe & Shop |  Neofytou Douka 4, Kolonaki |  850 m.
Housed in a building of exclusive architecture, the Museum of Cycladic Art hosts its permanent exhibition of Cycladic art, alongside some very interesting periodic exhibitions occasionally. The experience is completed with a visit to the cafe-bistro and definitely to the shop, where you can find an incredible collection of books and photo albums for children and adults, jewelry and decorative objects of Cycladic art and more.

Concept Store & Souvenirs |  Praxitelous 23, Syntagma |  850 m.
A Future Perfect is a concept brand founded in 2013 by two lady architects in Athens. Its products range from homeware, stationery, decorative items as well as personal accessories and jewelry. They use various materials such as concrete, porcelain, brass and techniques to make products inspired by architecture, the city, graphic art but also the Greek summer and travelling.

Concept Store & Coffee |  Nikis 24, Syntagma |  1.2 km
Anamesa Concept Store isn’t just another conventional store but a place that approaches the idea of fashion in a holistic way, as a lifestyle. In this shopping ‘n’ coffee destination of the city, one can find unique brands for men, women and children, personal styling tips from the Anamesa team, design items and lovely coffee with a twist at the coffee corner, which offers delicious desserts and original beverages.

Souvenirs & Supplies |  Flessa 1, Plaka |  1.4 km
The concept store that will make your trip unique, with a lot of unique items, that redefine the concept of the travel souvenir.

Souvenir Concept Store |  Adrianou 100, Plaka |  1.4 km
Forget Me Not was established with the aim of creating a “revolution” in the field of Greek design. Here one can find the best examples of contemporary Greek design, creations of promising young Greek designers who shape the current Greek artistic identity with their objects.

Art Gallery |  Sarri 12, Psyrri |  1.5 km
Alibi Gallery’s mission is to discover young artists who deal with contemporary issues in original, innovative and challenging ways, and to provide them with the appropriate support to fully develop their artistic abilities and gain public recognition. Alibi Gallery presents works by both emerging and established artists, focusing on the local scene and artistic practices that converse with the city of Athens.

Handmade Ceramics |  Thissiou 7, Monastiraki |  1.7 km
Founded in 2019 by ceramicist Eléonore Trenado-Finetis, Mon Coin studio is a space dedicated to contemporary Greek ceramics with a multi-level purpose. Based in the historic centre of Athens, it functions both as a gallery with exhibitions and as a shop. There are at least three group exhibitions organised every year to showcase artists and ceramics from all over Greece

Second Hand Apparel & Accessories Concept Store |  Ermou 120, Monastiraki |  1.7 km
At KiloShop, recycle with style. Vintage thrift store and second-hand clothes by the kilo for a unique, eco-friendly, and ultra trendy look!

Supplies Concept Store & Coffee |  Sarri 50, Psyrri |  1.8 km
An “urban jungle” in an alley of Psirri. Minu is a surprise that has the air of concept stores that one encounters on trips to northern Europe. A new space that combines the sale of indoor plants, design furniture and objects, and artwork and a place where you can enjoy a cup of quality, organic coffee or tea along with some cake or a snack.

The Poet Sandal Maker |  Tzireon 16, Koukaki |  1.9 km
Located on Agias Theklas Street, this traditional shop specializes in handcrafted leather sandals. The skilled artisans here create custom-made sandals in various styles. You can choose the leather and design for a unique, personalized pair of footwear.

Coffee & Living |  Efranoros 10, Pangrati |  1.9 km
Plegma Coffee ‘n Living in Pagrati is specially dedicated to the coffee lovers and design enthusiasts of the area, as it is indeed a coffee shop, but when you pass by from the outside at first you think it is an interior design exhibition. Along with drinks and tasty snacks, you will find small works of art, furniture and decorations, accessories, stationery and homeware, all excellent gift ideas.

Tribute: Creative workshops & ceramics

Creative Workshop |  Zoodoxou Pigis 54, Exarchia |  550 m.
Atelier, workshop and store, this all-in-one open to creation field redefines the concept of accessory-souvenir, drawing inspiration from history of art and the popular culture of Athens. Must: the handmade creations from silkscreens on leather with prints designed and produced by the duo Zacharias & Alex.

Creative Workshop |  Aminta 13, Pangrati |  1.5 km
A ceramics workshop that promotes freedom of expression. The passion for creation and ceramics prompted Vicky Topalidou and Christina Papadopoulou to open Threesome Ceramics, a workshop consisting of two spaces: The showroom-shop where exhibitions are organized and where one can see and buy art objects but also utilitarian ceramics and the studio-laboratory where all the work is done.

Concept Shop & Workspace |  Kariatidon 8, Acropolis |  2.1 km
Medley is a space in the historical center of Athens, near the Acropolis, where three artists and friends create and sell their work as well as other authentic & original objects by fellow artists and handcrafters, under a fair-trade philosophy.

Creative Workshop |  Odyssea Androutsou 36, Koukaki |  2.7 km
Trabala Studio, a ceramic haven nestled in the heart of Athens, has been redefining the art of pottery since its inception in 2017. Founded by the visionary duo, Jenny and Hercules, the studio has established itself as a hub of creativity. This approach marries traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques, yielding an array of one-of-a-kind tableware and decorative items that are a testament to their commitment to creating works of art that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Workshop Fine Arts & Ceramics |  Odyssea Androutsou 3, Koukaki |  2.7 km
In the Val Goutsi workshop, you will find unique objects made exclusively by hand, designed and painted by Valia. Each collection is based on a concept depending on the season and the creator’s mood – such as the jungle collection with animal prints – a collection that depicts the return to the city jungle after the holidays.

Tribute: Deli

Skoufa 56, Kolonaki |  85 m.
Probably the best pavlova Monsieur Didot has tasted in Athens! The meringues are prepared in front your eyes, as if you were in a homely, sweet-smelling kitchen. Moreover, two wonderful girls introduce you to their evenly wonderful creations: macarons, bavarois, tiramisu, napoleon cake. Just dreamy.

Pastry & Delicatessen |  Dimokritou 6, Kolonaki |  450m.
Without a trace of exaggeration, Désiré is one of the best pastry shops in Athens. The sweets are all exceptional, so you will have trouble making a choice. Who can resist Saint Honoré cake?
Désiré has been here since 1962, and still the Athenians love the French style combined with traditional sweets.

Delicatessen |  Anagnostopoulou 11, Kolonaki |  500 m.
Words are not enough for this shop – a feast of colors, aromas and tastes. A literal paradise for foodies, with countless Greek deli products and more. Really worth a visit.

Delicatessen & Bistro |  Amerikis 16, Kolonaki |  500 m.
Pieces of cured meats, braids of garlic and garlands of sun-dried tomatoes, baskets full of lemons, oranges, bunches of herbs and other fragrant treasures of the Mediterranean land hang from the ceiling. Throughout the day one can drink his Napolitan espresso, wine or liquor while enjoying a platter of Italian gourmet delicacies. In the afternoons, one can come for an after-work aperitivo, and in the evenings, on the sidewalk, tables are laid out and groups come to enjoy cocktails, wines from Italian wineries, drinks and spirits of Italian origin.

Wine Cellar |  Filikis Etairias Square 15, Kolonaki |  650 m.
Mr. Vertigo is a book by Paul Auster that talks about the magic of everyday life through the story of a child who learns to fly. Wine is also something magical that can take off our everyday life. This is the dream of Mr Vertigo’s wine cellar, to make people’s lives a little more beautiful by offering them a unique wine experience. Guided by their passion for wine and communication, they seek to highlight the magical side of wine through “surprise” tastings, wine tourism trips, the wine club and the library, always with wine at the center.

Delicatessen / All Day Snack Bar |  Patriarchou Ioakeim 30-32, Kolonaki |  850 m.
Established in 1937, Kostarelos Dairy counts three generations of cheese making which started out as an added perk to the family tavern, operated by the current owners’ grandparents in the suburban town of Markopoulo. Using milk from their own herds, they handmade their own cheese and yogurt, which helped pave the way for a full-on dairy, later spearheaded by their son. His children, Kyriakos and Nikos Kostarelos, have now opened their latest deli (they collectively own another six retail locations) located in the heart of upscale Kolonaki, which comes with a breakfast, lunch & dinner service, finally allowing their customers to sample their goods on site.

Delicatessen / All Day Cafe |  Voulis 36, Syntagma |  1.1 km
A modern store is making tahini and halvah, hip again. A different shop in the center of Athens grinds fruit, offers butters made from just one ingredient and halva flavors that confirm that healthy can be delicious.

Cold Cuts Delicatessen |  Evripidou 41, Monastiraki |  1.2 km
Since 1935, the famous Arapian is the haunt for those looking for strong, authentic flavors. It is not only the people of Constantinople who remember the goodies of their homeland here, but also the whole of Athens who re-discovers the traditional Greek delicacy.

Cold Cuts Delicatessen / All Day Snack Bar |  Evripidou 53, Monastiraki |  1.3 km
It’s all about the revival of the concept of the Byzantine deli, which includes Greek spirits and local wine miscellany, to accompany traditional dishes and recipes, appetizers from Constantinople and different kinds of matured cheese and charcuterie. Inside this neoclassical building, one will find exquisite victuals such as cheeses, cold cuts and smoked edibles.

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